About Us

Penrith and Kendal Advanced Motorists can trace its origins back to 1964.

Beginning as The Cumberland and Westmorland Group based in Penrith and affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists the Group has helped hundreds of people to develop their driving and motorcycling skills in this beautiful part of the country for over 50 years.

In 2007 a second group was formed and given the name of Kendal and South Lakes Advanced Motorists. In recognition of this development the original group changed its name to Penrith and North Lakes Advanced Motorists.

On 9th November 2015 the two groups merged and formed a new and larger group of 250 members. Penrith and Kendal Group now serves all of central and south Cumbria and extends south into Lancashire as far as Lancaster and Morecambe.

We promote road safety by helping motorists to:

  • Improve their driving skills
  • Become safer and more confident
  • Feel more in control of their vehicles
  • Reduce road accidents
  • Make driving a more pleasant experience