Observed Drives

Observed drives are arranged between yourself and your Observer and usually last about one hour per session.  Your first drive will include a demonstration drive given by your Observer in their car.  Thereafter all your observed drives are taken in your own car.

All our Observers give up their time voluntarily so it is essential that any pre-booked drives are attended on time.

We have Observers throughout our area and so, despite the large geographic area we cover, it should be possible to arrange a meeting point that is convenient to both the Associate Member and the Observer.

We aim to be as flexible as possible when arranging drives but please bear in mind that as all our Observers give up their time voluntarily, if for any reason you are unable to attend a pre-arranged drive please contact your Observer and let them know in good time.

On your first meeting all necessary documentation will be processed so please bring all the documents you have received from IAM RoadSmart with you.

If there is any other information that we may need to know about your driving, for example any medical conditions, please share that information with your Observer at your first meeting.