The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is EU legislation. Whilst the UK remains within the European Union the GDPR applies automatically and iAM RoadSmart will have to comply with this legislation from 25th May 2018. Post Brexit the UK will need its own Data Protection Legislation such as the GDPR or an equivalent.

The purpose of this policy is to make you aware, as Associates and Members, of the relationship that exists between iAM RoadSmart the Data Controller and Penrith and Kendal Advanced Motorists Group (PAKAM) the Data Processor. In simple terms, when iAM RoadSmart passes details of a new Associate allocated to PAKAM those details may only be used for the purpose of delivering Driver or Rider Training. If the Group then wishes to use these details as a means of contact for example, for informing of social functions, then PAKAM will need to enter into a contract with the individual for this purpose.

As the Data Controller iAM RoadSmart will provide the following data to PAKAM:

General Data:

Name and title


Date of birth

Contact details – telephone numbers and email address

Membership number

This is the only information that is required for training purposes. Importantly, this data is given by the individual for the sole purpose of Driver or Rider training.

On completion of training this data will be securely held by PAKAM for as long as the Member remains a fully paid up Member of iAM RoadSmart and the PAKAM Group. Should the Member decide not to remain a Member of both organisations then their data will be permanently destroyed.


Training Data:

During delivery of the Advanced Driver or Rider programme PAKAM will generate training data. These records will be passed to the Associate throughout the duration of the course. On completion of training this data will be permanently destroyed or anonymised.

PAKAM will not share your data with any other organisation or any person who is not a member of PAKAM or iAM RoadSmart.