TerrySimpkinAn Observer is someone who has passed the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver test and has undergone further training to enable them to help others to prepare for the test.

They will sit in and ‘observe’ the driving of Associate Members and will offer advice and guidance to assist those members to pass the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver test.  From time to time they will also take demonstration drives.

Observers have a thorough knowledge of the subject in order for them to prepare Associates Members to complete the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver programme. This includes having a good understanding of the IAM RoadSmart programme material, Roadcraft – The Police Driver’s Handbook and a good knowledge of The Highway Code and Traffic Signs.


How are Observers trained?

Observers are trained within the Group and have gained an IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) qualification. In order to qualify they will have passed an IAM validated written assessment consisting of questions on the above material and will have taken a practical assessment with the Group’s Local Observer Assessor.

During their practical assessment Observers are required to give a demonstration drive of up to 45 minutes and a general observation commentary. During the commentary they are required to define and describe  ‘The System of Car Control’. They are also asked to resolve some problem situations.